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Ohio's Parent Mentor Story

"The Parent Training and Information Center model was a parent-to-parent model, and so that was the model for the activities that were required in the request for proposal that the Office for Special Education Programs in Ohio put out to the school districts.


So, having a parent who was knowledgeable about special education, who had had a child of their own, so they understood the law, they understood the policies and procedures, they understood the language, and that experienced parent being a guide to the new parent coming into that process for the first time at the local school district level.

So really, in some regards, you could say that Parent Mentor Projects were mini Parent Training and Information Projects."    -Margaret Burley

More About Our History
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On January 12, 1991, in Columbus, Ohio, the idea for Parent Mentor Projects was born. About 160 parents from across the state gathered to decide how to implement Goal #7 of the Ohio Department of Education’s Special Education Action Plan.   Read More