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This brochure is to explain to families what we do as a Parent Mentor, our role in helping them and bridging the gap between the school and families that we serve.

This one pager can be used to help explain to staff and families who we are, what we do, how we are funded and who supports us.

The Scope of Work is a document that covers the working agreement between the ODE and the school district or educational service center (ESC) and their Parent Mentor Project. 

It outlines the goals, objectives and activities required of each Parent Mentor Project, identifies the Parent Mentor’s expected duties, project budget, role and responsibilities of the school district or ESC, and expected outcomes.

Open sheet and under "File" select "Make a Copy" to edit your own version. 

The Operating guidelines are intended to assist Parent Mentors in providing consistent service across Ohio. The Guidelines were a joint effort of Parent Mentor Council, ODE and OCECD by way of a Council subcommittee and are reviewed and revised per the guidelines. 






newsletter resources

**Enter general information about why parent mentors would want to send a newsletter, how to construct one and suggested topics. Possibly link to other parent mentor newsletters and how they got the word out about their newsletter.


Top rated and used websites to create and manage a newsletter: 


Helpful Resources for Parent Mentors

Use these templates to help you keep track of who you are talking to and what they need.

Haven't checked out the recorded training webinars and upcoming webinars? Well why not? Go check it out now! The recorded webinars are on demand!

Are you a new Parent Mentor looking for resources? Well no worries, we have a spot just for you; check it out!

Helpful Information for Families

Explains the process of evaluation for special education services in Ohio

Helpful checklist of items a parent could have in a binder for all ETR and IEP meetings.

Introduction of your child to school/community. Families can use this student snapshot template to introduce their child to school staff. Resource from the PACER Center.

Humans understand the world from their seven senses. Sometimes children cannot take in all the information, bringing strange behaviors or problems with attention. Some children need more input from their senses, and other children need less.

People often say the school 'diagnosed' their child. But technically that's not what happened. Schools don't diagnose conditions.  Only doctors and other clinicians do.

Explanation of an IEP and it's contents from Center for Parent Information and Resources

IEP's are a requirement for every child receiving special education and related services in the public school system. The IEP process should be individualized and fair, and the resulting plan should be used to outline the steps, goals and personalized learning needed for that particular child to reach their excellence.


BCMH, the for Children with Medical Handicaps Program, is a health care program in the Ohio Department of Health. BCMH links families of children with special health care needs to a network of quality providers and helps families obtain payment for the services their child needs. 


BCMH, the for Children with Medical Handicaps Program, is a health care program in the Ohio Department of Health. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. 

Several tip sheets provided by OCECD on topics such as: Evaluation, Reevaluation, Communication, IEP's, Independent Educational Evaluation, Post Secondary Transition and Related Services.

  • Executive function is a group of important mental skills.

  • These skills fall under three areas of executive function.

  • The three areas of executive function are working memory, flexible thinking, and inhibitory control.


This resource from Forest Hills school district shows each section of the IEP and what should be included under each section. Very helpful for families to understand each section of their IEP.


Guide on what to talk to children about when they have a developmental disability and working with the police. 

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